Bangkok – Where to Stay


We stayed at the D&D Inn which is located half way down Khao San Road. We booked our accommodation prior to arriving in Bangkok as our plane arrived late and we didn’t fancy trawling the streets of an unfamiliar city with jet lag to find a bed. We chose to stay here as it was recommended to us and one of the cheaper places we found online. We didn’t know much about the city of Bangkok but from reading reviews online, it looked to be conveniently placed. Although this was one of the cheaper places to stay in Bangkok, in terms of our whole trip in SEA, this was one of the more expensive places. For a double private room at the back of the complex cost us £75 for 3 nights with breakfast. We booked this hotel through and if you follow this link, you could save £15 off your stay!

We arrived at the hotel around 10pm after taking a shuttle service from the airport. We went to check in and all seemed to be going smoothly until the receptionist asked if we would like to look at our room first as it is extremely loud. We were a little concerned however we didn’t expect it to be too bad so we paid and headed upstairs. Note – we also had to put a down a key deposit of 500b (£10/$13) so make sure you have enough cash on you.

In Thailand, differently to the UK, the first floor, the one directly above ground floor, is called the second floor. So we had a false sense of security in that we were on the “second floor” but this was misplaced, we could hear everything from the street, including the music from the club next door, just as loudly as if we were on the dance floor! We’re not grandpas but we had been travelling for nearly a day so this was just not gonna happen. We went back down to reception and asked if they had any other rooms, fortunately for us there was one higher up and at the back of the building, this was a little more expensive but we were more than willing to pay it given the circumstances!

At the time we visited the hotel, half of the rooms were being renovated so for the majority of our stay, they were fully booked. The next morning we heard someone in reception asking to move rooms but there was nowhere to move to. If you are going to book D&D Inn prior to arriving, I would advise you to contact the hotel to check where your room will be on the complex. The second room we were in was perfect; clean, air conditioned and quiet with a TV and a fridge and daily room service.

D&D Inn is a perfectly good place to stay, it’s well located with a nice swimming pool and rooftop bar. Most of the rooms also come with free breakfast which was very tasty and offered a wide selection of Thai and western food.

Our advice would be that if you arrive and they try to put you on the “2nd floor”, try to find another room unless you’re likely to be out clubbing until the bars themselves shut.

Love Josh & Elisa x


2 thoughts on “Bangkok – Where to Stay

    1. Hi Staci, we should have expected some noise considering it was on Khao San Road, however it was awful! The next room we were moved to was perfect though so I would recommend the hotel (just check where your room is going to be!). Yes, the picture is the roof top pool! You wouldn’t know you’re in Bangkok when you’re in it!

      Elisa & Josh x


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