Quick/Cost Cutting Tips – Fan v Air Con

When booking hostels and hotels in hot countries, usually there will be some kind of choice between fan room and an air conditioning room. This choice also comes with a price difference. If you’re someone who can’t sleep in hot or humid environments then it might be worth paying the extra to have air con, this will allow you to enjoy your days more as good sleep is crucial for travel!

On the other hand, if you don’t mind the heat or you think you can manage with a fan then you will probably save a little bit of cash. The price difference usually isn’t much, but if you’re on a long trip then it can all add up! An added bonus is mosquitos hate moving air so if you have a fan, they are less likely to land on you in the night – double whammy!

The choice is yours and personal, we tend to mix and match depending on our budget for each destination but I have an irrational mosquitos hatred so I like knowing a fan is pointing at me!

Love Josh & Elisa x


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