Quick Tips – Padlocks

While you travel, it is important to be aware that your bags aren’t always going to be with you, whether they are in your hostel room or the underside of a bus, there will always be a risk that someone else will get their hands on them. It doesn’t matter where you travel to in the world, there is always the risk of thieves. Our advice to you is to find a way to padlock your bags shut, for me, it involves padlocking the Zips and the drawstring together, but will vary from bag to bag. Of course no bag is ever safe, given that anyone who really wants to get in could find a way to cut it, but your biggest threat is someone just dipping their hand in and feeling around for something like a camera or wallet, these are the incidents you can avoid by getting a padlock for your baggage.

Even if your bag isn’t completely locked, it’ll act as a deterrent to anyone who is looking for a quick find.

You will also need a padlock for the lockers in any hostels you stay in. It’s great knowing your cash and valuables are safely locked away when you’re out and about. We’ve noticed in the dorms we’ve stayed in so far, the main door is rarely locked, meaning anyone could walk in and root through your bags.

We recommend you get a padlock which has a combination code. This way you don’t have to look after a key when you’re out exploring! It is also worth getting a TSA compatible padlock if travelling to or through America. This way, if your rucksack needs to searched, security can open your bag without damaging the padlock.

We do love saving money however, when it comes to buying padlocks, we recommend buying good quality ones as some cheaper ones available online, can be easily broken into buy pulling the lock so its worth reading the reviews before purchasing. Even if you spend a little more, it’s cheaper than having your personal belongings stolen!

Love Josh & Elisa x


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